Superduo Beads: colors, finishes, features, prices and curiosities

In this article we will talk about the best known among beads: Superduo. Let’s find out together why, if DIY jewelry is your hobby, you can’t do without them!

Technical features

Superduo are pressed glass beads produced in the Czech Republic. Being part of the huge family of Bohemian beads, they are commonly used in beadweaving. They are 2.5 mm wide and 5 mm long with two stringing holes. They are oval-shaped with a light central protrusion.

What makes Superduo Beads so special?

Why do we dedicate some time talking about Superduo today? Because, besides being recognized as high quality beads, they have a particular structure, and a shape that guarantees stability and precision to the creations for which they are used. In fact, the unmistakable design makes it possible to create interlocking effects in quick and easy way. They are extremely versatile and allow the realization of patterns and projects of different complexity, even curvilinear, such as the setting of Cabochons and Swarovski Rivoli. Compared to other double-hole beads, they have wider holes that allow the passage of more threads, and are therefore suitable for elaborate and detailed works. For these reasons, we can say that Superduo are the most used beads by those who make bijoux with beadweaving techniques (such as peyote).

Colors and finishes

On our online store for DIY Jewelry, you will find the entire catalogue of Superduo Beads, available in over 520 colors. Such a wide choice, besides being unique in Europe, can only stimulate your imagination and inspire new and wonderful creations!

Superduo are produced in many colours and various finishes, which can be divided into basic finishes and special finishes. It would have been really impossible to talk about the colors one by one, because there are so many and new ones are added every week. But we tried, with the following table, to clarify something about finishes.

Here are the main Superduo Beads finishes:


A basic finish. There are sixty-two colors available, transparent and opaque.

Color Ab

A special finish that adds to the basic colours the Aurora Borealis effect, an iridescent effect that gives a particular brightness to the beads.

Matte AB

A special finish. It’s the same iridescent effect as the Color AB, but with an opaque finish.

Capri Gold

A special finish. Gold colored “stains” are added to the base color of the beads.


A special finish. The beads have two faces, each one of a different color.


A basic finish. A special patina applied to the beads gives them a wonderful brilliance.


A special finish. The effect recalls that of a galvanic casting.


A basic finish. The basic colors have an additional opaque effect.


A special finish. A silver patina, a gold patina or a patina of a stronger tone of the main color, has been applied to a small part of the bead.

Crystal Lined

A special finish. The beads are transparent, and the main color has been inserted inside the hole.


A special finish. Warm colors, to which a golden powder has been added, are a feature of this finish.


A special finish. A rainbow effect has been added to the main color.

Magic Line

A special finish. The beads are glossy, partly transparent and partly metallic. A rainbow effect has been added to the main color.

Matte Vitral

A special finish. The colors are opaque, and a rainbow effect has been added.


A basic finish. The colors are semi-opaque and metallic.


A special finish. The colors are metallic and extremely bright.


A special finish. The colors are both glossy and opaque. A spray effect has been added.


A special finish. Extremely vivid and almost fluorescent colors.


A special finish. It reminds of colorations on canvas, and the colors are pale but defined.

Pearl Gold Shine

A special finish. Vivid colors with a bright pearly patina.


A special finish. The beads have brush strokes and spots of colors that remind the paintings of the famous painter.


A special finish. Semi-gloss colors with a chrome effect patina.


A special finish. Vivid colors with a metallic rainbow effect.


A special finish. The colors have a velvety effect.


A special finish. Many tiny silver dots are mixed with the basic color.


A special finish. Defined solid colors, some of which have a light golden shade.


A special finish. The colors have a rainbow effect, and the beads are both transparent and full coloured.

What can we do with Superduo Beads and how can we match them?

We used these wonderful beads in many different ways. On our blog you will find numerous video tutorials that show how to create fantastic pieces of jewelry with Superduo Beads. In the gallery below you can see some of the jewels we made, matching Superduo with O Beads, Fire Polished Beads, Pyramid Beads. If you’d like to make any of our creations, you can buy the Kits on our online shop. You can also buy the single beads, wholesale and retail. We offer a very wide choice!

Keep following us for the latest news!

Superduo prices may vary. It depends on the finishes, the colors and the package size we want to buy. They are usually sold in 10gr packs for approximately 1.19 € / 3.90 € (except for gold coated). We can say that, by purchasing a 10gr pack of Superduo Beads basic finish, we are paying 0.119 cents per gr. PerlineBijoux also sells wholesale packs (50gr or 100gr) of Superduo Beads, that allow us to save 10% and 25% respectively.

We remind you that all the colors and finishes of Superduo are available on PerlineBijoux in the Superduo Beads category.

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